64th - 2018
Church History
Calvary Baptist Church
Jacksonville, Florida

Calvary Baptist Church began on Lem Turner Road in a tent on March 10, 1954. An article appeared in the paper that year as follows:

A tent revival in Jacksonville recently became an organized church within 60 days. Evangelist Emanuel J. Morris arrived in Jacksonville from Tampa last January. It
took him a couple of weeks to borrow enough money
to purchase a tent and other equipment. He then started
a revival meeting in the tent on a vacant lot at
7034 Lem Turner Road.
The Rev. Morris managed to pay off his indebtedness,
with the exception of about $36.00 during February.

The church then purchased property at 7512 Lem Turner Road, building first an educational building, then an auditorium. The property and buildings were paid off in 1977, with a burning of the mortgage. In 1985 a new addition was built, which had Sunday School rooms, a gym, offices, a kitchen, and restrooms.

In 1993 we sold the property and buildings to the Walgreens presently at this location. From 1993-1995 we met in the Methodist Church across the street from our old buildings, finally moving to our new location at 4040 Dunn Avenue in May, 1995, where are presently located.

Dr. Emanuel J. Morris, our founding pastor, was pastor from 1954-1984. Dr. Barry Bagwell pastored the church from 1984-1998. Rev. Mark Skinner pastored the church from 1998-2001.

Our present Pastor, Rev. George Kratochvil, began his ministry at Calvary on Sunday, June 10, 2001. Then in June 2015 our Co-Pastor, Jason Kratochvil returned to Calvary from the mission field to  join the pastoral staff.  The following October, the church held their first missions conference in several years, and now hosts a “Faith Promise Missions Conference” every year in February. Our missions program has been mightily blessed of God with thousands of dollars being raised every year to support the more than 60 missionaries that make up our wonderful missionary family. 

Rev. Emanuel J. Morris
March 10, 1954 - Tent Revival