"We're Making Much of Jesus All Around the World"
Jason and Nadia Kratochvil have changed their mission field from Nicaragua to Jacksonville, Florida.  Jason is now our Co-Pastor joining
 Pastor George in the spiritual leadership at Calvary Baptist Church. 

Annual Faith Promise Missions Conference 2015
Ministry Pics
Bob and Jan Marshall - Wales
Bob Marshall - Wales
Dave and Traci - Jason and Nadia's Youth Directors visited last night of Missions Conference
Dominique Pethtel - Italy
Dr. Charles Couey
Faith with her favorite missionaries
Jan Marshal - Wales
Janelle Bender
Jason Kratochvil - Nicaragua
Jason Kratochvil - Nicaragua
Kayti Salmon - Thailand
Larry and Pam Noland - Arctic Canada
Larry Noland - Arctic Canada
Penny Donations from Awana Clubs
Ramzi and Ruth Kammar - Israel
Ruth Kammar - Israel
Scott and Dominique Pethtel - Italy
Leading Teens Class
Shane and Kayti Salmon - Thailand
Shane and Kayti Salmon
 with Pastor George and Mrs. Kathy
Steve Bender -  
BBFI Associate Mission Director
with wife, Janelle Bender
Steve Bender - BBFI Associate Mission Director
The Marshalls - Wales
 Display Table
The Nolands - Arctic Canada
 Display Table
The Pethtel Family - Italy
The Pethtels - Italy
 Display Table
The Salmons - Thailand
 Leading Childrens Church