Letter from Spain:  Missionary Lavon & Carolyn Waters
July-August, 2017

Dear Pastor & friends:

     We finished our summer camp ministry on August 18.  We held 4 weeks of camps during July and August. Each camp was well attended and blessed in a special way by God.  Rather than publish all the pictures, we will tell you the information.  401 total with 21 saved.

     Children's camp - 88 with 14 professions of faith.  Rain, wind, cold - we had it all.
     Junior camp - 110 with 4 professions.  Lots of rebellion, but lots of blessings.
     Teen camp - 104 with 3 professions.  So many blessings and lives changed.  Total cooperation from
     national pastors and missionary friends.
     Spiritual retreat - 99 - largest group in a long time.  Main theme - the local church.

     We celebrated 40 years of camps this summer and never ceased to be amazed at what the Lord has done through this ministry.  As founders, Carolyn and I were presented with a gift of a watch for both of us.  We rejoice to see the camp ministry continue on as usual as we turn things over more and more to the younger leaders and we are completely confident concerning the future.

     Today, August 22 was a sad day for us as we attended the funeral of the husband of one of our faithful members.  Many times in the past we have asked prayer for Jesus.  The cancer finally won the battle but he never came to know the Lord.  His last comment was:  "I was born a Catholic, I lived a Catholic and I will die a Catholic."  So many more like him in Spain.

     Pray for Barcelona as it is still reeling after the latest terrorist attack.  Spain needs Christ.

                                  "Holding Forth the word of life..."